22 new bike parking hoops / New green surface bike lanes

Cyclist safety and convenience improved with new bike infrastructure. Maribyrnong City Council has recently installed 22 bike parking hoops at key locations across the municipality including community centres, libraries and shops and has also installed a green surface in the bike lines at selected intersections along Hyde Street.

The new green surface in the bike lanes will assist in making drivers more aware that they share the road with cyclists and of their presence. The new installations serve a dual purpose of providing additional safety and convenience for cyclists to encourage people to choose cycling as their form of transport particularly for local trips.

“Cycling is a healthy and inexpensive means of transport and is becoming increasingly popular. Council is committed to making the City of Maribyrnong a safe, convenient place for people to cycle,”

said Cr John Cumming, Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong. Maribyrnong City Council’s annual bike counts, conducted for the past five years, show an increase in the number of people choosing cycling as their means of transport. It is anticipated that the 2012 counts to be held in early March will show this trend continuing.

The Maribyrnong Integrated Transport Strategy, Maribyrnong Strategic Bike Plan and Maribyrnong Safe Travel Plan all recognise the need to encourage sustainable transport options for community wellbeing – both health and financial. “There are multiple benefits to cycling, not the least that it is healthy for you and a much cheaper alternative to running a car, but it is also a zero emissions means of transport and reduces the numbers of cars on our roads and car parks,” said Cr John Cumming.

Bike paths and lanes on arterial roads in the municipality are developed and managed by VicRoads. Council works closely with VicRoads to ensure the continued implementation of the Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) in the City of Maribyrnong. PBN routes connect key destinations throughout Melbourne. This new bike infrastructure is part of Council’s commitment of $100,000 for bike projects in its 2011/2012 budget.

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