Our Own Wildlife Oasis

Footscray may not be known for wildlife but Newells Paddock Wetland Reserve provides a watery oasis for dozens of bird species, snakes and frogs.

About sixty different bird species have been sighted in the reserve, including cormorants, herons, ibis, falcons and a pair of swans. The reserve contains a number a ponds which are interconnected and fed by a storm water system.

Like the Maribyrnong River the reserve sits beside, the water is brackish, so plants must be salt tolerant.

The paddock was named after local businessman and councillor, David Newell, who owned the paddock in the late 1800s and used it as a ‘nightsoil’ dumping ground. Today the park is managed by the Council and is considered an important inner city conservation park.

Visit Newells Paddock at Jamieson Ave, Footscray. Take some pictures and comment below!

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