New bike lanes for Hyde Street Footscray

New bike lanes have been installed on Hyde Street in Footscray to create a safer route for cyclists.

The section of road between Napier Street (Footscray) and Somerville Road (Yarraville) has been narrowed from two lanes to one in both directions to accommodate on-road bike lanes with a linemarked buffer distance between bikes and cars, extending the existing on-road bike lanes between Somerville Road and Francis Street.

The bike lanes are part of a $460,000 upgrade to Hyde Street which includes resheeting the road surface and linemarking. A green surface will be applied to parts of the bike lanes to highlight these lanes to motorists, improving safety. A head start box for cyclists has been marked in the right turn lane of Hyde Street to assist cyclists turning into Somerville Road.

A bike count conducted in March 2012 showed that Hyde Street was a well used route with 386 cyclists passing through the Hyde Street and Somerville Road intersection between 7am and 9am. The Hyde Street bicycle route forms part of the Maribyrnong Strategic Bike Plan and VicRoads’ Principal Bike Network.

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