The Fordham Reserve Artdoor Gallery

The Fordham Reserve Artdoor Gallery has been created for the community while Regional Rail Link works are carried out in this area.

The gallery is an initiative by the community arts organisation F.A.I.R. and the Regional Rail Link Footscray – Deer Park project team to encourage community art. It is being supported by the City of Maribyrnong which has provided funding for a part-time curator.

While construction is underway, the gallery will host rotating exhibitions by local artists. The artists will provide images for printing on paper posters to be installed in frames made from found materials. Kwik Copy in Seddon is supporting the project through discounted printing.

The frames will be a permanent feature of the Artdoor Gallery. They are a tongue- in-cheek way of elevating the art to fine-art status. In them, each piece is important and given its due.

The first installation by BigFish features four historical photographs of the area which have been given a new treatment by Renata Slusarski and a typographical extravaganza spelling out the gallery’s name.

The historic photos have a link to the rail corridor and their treatment has been inspired by different artistic trends – Pop Art, Polish poster art of the 20s and 30s and the mid-century trend to colourise black and white photos.

Community input will be encouraged. If you are interested in being part of this project please contact

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