The Salon Bazaar at Footscray Markets

Ian Pidd, Martyn Coutts and Sam Routledge have undertaken a peripatetic artistic residency at the iconic Footscray Market over a couple of weeks during December/January 2012/13. The three artists (and some very talented ring ins) have collected stories, characters, images, facts, myths and banal realities from within the Market, with the aim of converting them into ideas for films, plays, games, songs, cartoons, installations and any manner of artistic output.

They will present the results of the residency at Salon Bazaar at Trocadero art space at 6pm on Tuesday January 29.

The Salon will take the form of a highly energetic public lecture, with images. The subject matter will be the findings of our residency and will include a presentation of projects that we have cooked up during our time at the market. Some of these projects will, down the track, be created and presented at The Market. Some of them are physically and logistically impossible and designed to exist in the imagination only.

The public is invited to respond to their work, and to suggest projects of their own.

When: 6pm, Tuesday 29 January
Where: Trocadero Art Space, 1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray

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