A Cultural Blend: The Origins of Coffee and Ethiopian Spices


Enjoy a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and find out why coffee is more than just a drink in Ethiopia, it’s a celebrated way of life.

Sample the best in Ethiopian cuisine, discover how an artful balance of spices brings out full bodied flavours in slow cooked meat and vegetables stews. Learn the art of scooping up these delicious dishes with bubbly injera bread.

When: 1 – 4 March, 6.30pm-9.30pm
Where: Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant, 89 Irving Street, Footscray
Costs: $20 per person / Only 15 seats per night

For bookings phone 9689 8185 or 0401 019 085

According to Ethiopian folklore, we can thank a wayward goat for our growing obsession with coffee. Story has it that a goat herder named Kaldi, who lived around 850 AD in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), noticed one of his goats prancing around excitedly after chewing mysterious bright red berries. Kaldi presented the berries to monks, who declared them the work of the devil and threw them in a fire.

Within minutes the monastery filled with the heady aroma of roasting coffee beans. Appeased by the fragrance, the chief monk ordered the beans to be placed in a ewer of hot water to preserve their goodness. That night the monks sat up drinking the rich brew, vowing to drink it each night to help keep them awake during their nightly prayers.

Head to one of Footscray’s many Ethiopian café’s to sample the authentic taste of African coffee, or join in this traditional coffee ceremony.

Part of Feasting in Footscray 2013 – Check out what else is happening!

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