John & Paul – John & Kevin’s Fresh Fish

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John & Kevin’s Fresh Fish shop, located within the Footscray Market, is popular among locals and visitors. It opened when the Market opened in 1981 and 32 years on, John & Kevin’s is still known for having the freshest seafood in the place and selling out early!

John & Paul at their shop
John & Paul at their shop

Paul is one the shop’s principal fishmongers and, following in his father John’s footsteps, they’re always ready for a chat with their loyal customers, some of whom travel for hours to Footscray for their weekly fish fix.

Over the years, the gang behind the counter has learnt different languages so they can talk to their customers in their own native tongues. From 5am starts, to the hustle and bustle of the Footscray Market, John and Paul will share their unique experiences of Footscray.