Getting to Footscray and getting around with Matt & Melanie, Reverence Hotel

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This week we sit down with Matt and Melanie – and their infamous dog Jack (featured in The Celebrity Pets of Footscray) – to get their tips on getting around Footscray. They’re new parents and recent new arrivals to the area.

Footscray is only 5kms from the city. What’s your favorite way to travel to Footscray from the city and why?
Matt: The best way to travel to Footscray is by train and bike. The fact we are located so close to the train station played a massive part in us choosing this pub.

Mel: Musicians drive but most of the crowd who come here take the train and that’s the way it should be because people shouldn’t drink and drive. The local bike track is also amazing. Fifty per cent of our staff ride their bikes to and from work.

Mel & Matt
Mel & Matt

Do you think Footscray is a safe place to walk around, especially at night and do you have any tips for staying safe?
Matt: I don’t think twice about walking around in Footscray. I think it’s like anywhere – you just have to be street smart. I’m a muso so I’m used to hanging around in all sorts of places. I don’t think Footscray is really much different to other parts of Melbourne these days.

Mel: I never really had any dramas personally…

How much time do you think people should allow for exploring the food culture of Footscray and when is the best time of the week to visit?
Matt: Footscray is a great place to come for lunch. There are Vietnamese bakeries where you can still get a roll for $3 with fresh bread and pickled vegetables. You also can’t go past the amazing and cheap Pho soup.
Mel: Endless – The Footscray Market is like walking into another country and it is one of the last, proper, inner-city markets where you can still haggle! However, you can’t be afraid of shoving to get the best produce. We’re still finding new places. We only just discovered some great places that have amazing Indian products!

Do you have any advice for people coming to Footscray? Any places they must visit or experiences they shouldn’t miss out on?
Matt: Olympic Doughnuts. They were amazing when I used to get them on my way to school and they haven’t changed!!

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