Kevin Tran (Scarlet Corner Café) on where customers come into Footscray from

This article is a part of Your Footscray – an initiative of the Footscray Business Reference Group supported by Regional Rail Link

This week we launch our third topic in the Your Footscray discussion; where do people come from to shop, eat and play in Footscray?

To find out more, we shared a coffee with Kevin Tran from the Scarlet Corner Café and asked him about the range of people who pop in for a coffee throughout the week.

In three words, describe your typical customer? 
Loyal, flexible and happy.


Of your customers who are not Australian-born, which countries do they represent? 
Our customers are multicultural – everyone in Footscray. New customers are coming from the east side of Melbourne to live here.

When customers from your home country visit, what do they say they like most about their experience at your business?
They like Scarlet Corner Café because of the great coffee, as well as the service and seating. A lot of people stop by while their partners go to the Market.

Describe the biggest change you’ve seen among your clientele over the years you have run your business?
The biggest change I’ve noticed is that they seem to drink coffee more these days.

Who is your most loyal customer? 
A group of 10-15 people from the older generation. Whether it’s cold and rainy or 40 degrees outside, they still stop by to have a coffee every day.

What does it really take to actually run your business smoothly and keep customers happy? 
You need lots of things to run a business: good management; good staff who are able to run a good shop; cleanliness; and great coffee. I take a hands-on approach and train my staff from day one until they are able to make a coffee that I’m happy with.