YourFootscray: Hidden Gems in Footscray & Locals – T Cavallaro and Sons

This article is a part of Your Footscray – an initiative of the Footscray Business Reference Group supported by Regional Rail Link

Whether you’re a local who wants to holiday in their own suburb or a visitor wanting to explore Footscray, we’ve got some tips from Footscray-born Tony Cavallaro. And we ask him more about the business his family started six decades ago, T Cavallaro and Sons.

What sets your business apart from others?
We’re a family business and that’s what really makes us different. I feel I’ve got a responsibility to my parents to continue the traditions they handed down to us. Everyone who works here cares about the products we sell and the way people feel when they walk out the door. That’s not always the case in other places.

If you were a customer, what would you order?
A short black coffee and a cannoli.

Describe what you see as a typical “local” – a member of the Footscray community?
Me. I love Footscray. I love the Western Bulldogs – but I don’t call them that, I still call them Footscray.

Name a long-term Footscray resident, famous or not, who you think exemplifies all that’s good about Footscray.
Anybody who is passionate about Footscray is a good face for Footscray but I’d have to say my brother, Carmelo. He came out here as a nine year old and started working in the shop when he was 15. Dad had to financially support our family of seven and needed someone to help him in the bakery.

Name something great in/about Footscray that is little-known outside the suburb?
I love the facade of the old Fiesta cinema, which is now an apartment building. I love old-world charm and the Fiesta has a lovely turn-of-the-century facade. I also love the local pubs: The Rising Sun, The Plough, The Reverence, and The Station. Rather than going out of the suburb, we need to promote places in Footscray for Footscray people to go to.

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