Hidden gems in Footscray with Kevin Tran

This article is a part of Your Footscray – an initiative of the Footscray Business Reference Group supported by Regional Rail Link

You wouldn’t know it these days, but until recently, coffee was one of Footscray’s hidden gems. Just ask the owner of Scarlet Corner Café Kevin Tran. While there has never been a shortage of great places to get your morning espresso, they’ve long been a secret known only to the locals. In the past few years, Footscray has seen the rise and rise of local cafes.

This week, we sat down with Kevin and asked him what part of Footscray he thinks people should rediscover.

First, a question for our readers: what’s your favourite café?

What’s something you love about Footscray that you think is a ‘hidden gem’?
The hidden treasure here is Footscray Park. It’s always amazing but very, very hidden. People don’t know how to get there.

What can you do there?
There’s jogging, bike riding, barbecues, sport fishing and picnicking. 

Describe what you see as a typical “local”?
They are very loud. You’ll notice that that’s typical in Footscray. They’re always talking.

What sets your business apart from others?
Coffee, location and service. My business stands out because of its great coffee and great service, and offering a place to come and sit.

How was the brew before you started the café?
We were the first café to make a real coffee near the market. Locals who come and try our coffee say Footscray really needed something like this.

If you were a customer, what would you order?
On a cold day, it’s a latte. On a hot day, I order a Vietnamese iced coffee, or cafe su da.

And again, what’s your favourite café?