The Westies Awards – Honouring the best food in the west


Let the celebrations begin.

The western suburbs will soon have a food award to call their own with the launch of The Westies – Dishes of Distinction.

Passionate western suburbs food bloggers Lauren Wambach (Footscray Food Blog) and Kenny Weir (Consider the Sauce) are running the awards, and they’ll be hard at work on your behalf sampling the culinary riches that the west has to offer.

A Westie will be awarded to the top three dishes judged on taste, consistency, pricing, and sense of uniqueness or tradition.

The duo see the awards as a celebration of food culture in Melbourne’s western suburbs and the people who create it.

Lauren Wambach says: “It’s been a thrill and a privilege running one of only two Melbourne food blogs dedicated to the western suburbs. We see The Westies – Dishes of Distinction as a really exciting and enjoyable way of broadening appreciation of the food culture of the western suburbs”.

Kenny Weir says: “It’s going to be a tough choice, but who better than Lauren and I to make it?”

Footscray Life wishes them all the best – choosing the three best dishes in the West will be fun, but it won’t be easy!

Come along to the picnic

If you want to be the first to know who won, attend the combined Footscray Food Blog/Consider The Sauce Spring Picnic at Yarraville Gardens, Somerville Road, Yarraville on Saturday 30 November.

The picnic starts 11am, and The Westies will announced at noon.