5 Minutes with… Liana Lucca-Pope, The Idea Collective

Located in the historic Mechanics Institute building on the south side of Nicholson Street, The Idea Collective is a shared working space for creative types looking for a connection to the community. We speak with owner, graphic designer and ideas lady, Liana Lucca Pope, about Footscray’s newest creative hub.

Why did you start The Idea Collective?

I wanted a studio to work in myself and also to share ideas and make connections. I knew about co-working spaces in the inner north but not over this way. And I had a quite specific vision about how a shared space should look and feel.

ideacollective01How does it work?

You can sign up for a free membership then hire space as needed. You can get a 5 day pass, pay for a day or have a full time space. We have a meeting room for 8-10 people, wi-fi, utilities, kitchenette and lunch area.

Why Footscray?

I’ve been living in Yarraville for several years and have fallen in love with Footscray. It’s the rawness. It feels authentic. It’s diverse. I feel connected here intellectually, emotionally and creatively so it was a no-brainer to set up in Footscray. I knew I couldn’t be the only person who felt that way and needs this kind of space.

Who uses the space here?

The commonality is people who are creative and entrepreneurial, who have the courage to strike out on their own but also want to be part of a community. Our full time members include a web developer, creators of a literary journal (Kill Your Darlings) and a corporate strategy writer. Our hot deskers include a musician, illustrator, stylist and designer. I would love to also get a photographer, architect and some kind of craftsperson.

ideacollective02What’s your hope for the future?

My dream is to foster collaborations. I want to develop connections with the community that flow out and back in again. When you work around others you hear snippets of conversation, you talk and you see, and it’s inspiring and opens you up. Put yourself out there, be open, and ideas and collaborations happen.

So get to know The Idea Collective
Level 1, 209 Nicholson Street, Footscray VIC 3011
You can contact Liana on 0414 890 331
FB theideacollectivemelbourne