Dodge days

Looking for a sport with a difference? Dodgeball is fast-paced, unique and social.

Footscray’s newest mixed sporting league is looking for new teams and players of all skill levels and ages, from teens to adults, to join the revolution.

Director of Dodgeball Revolution, Robert Di Fabio (pictured), said the main benefit of the sport is the social aspect.

“Party tunes are played during matches so it’s a fun vibe,” he said.

Dodgeball involves two teams of six players with six balls in play during a 40 minute game. The objective is to eliminate players in the opposite team through a direct ball hit or by catching a ball thrown by an opposing player. A point is awarded when all players in a team are eliminated.

Don’t worry about the flying balls – they are made of foam.

“Dodgeball is really safe for all skill levels, it’s not forceful. You don’t need to be a great athlete to play dodgeball,” said Robert.

While the focus is on the social element of the game, Robert said he wants to grow the sport and make it more mainstream.

“We want people to think of it as an actual sport – it can be competitive and it can be tactical,” he said.

Games are played Wednesday evenings at the Victoria University Nicholson Street campus. New players can create their own teams or sign up as individuals to link in with other teams.

The next season is scheduled to begin 21 May.