Coffee Culture

Footscray has a huge coffee scene and the aficionado is spoilt for choice. There’s not just dozens of outlets to grab a cup of the good stuff, there’s plenty of different ways you can drink it. We visit three cafes offering up their own versions of the perfect cuppa.

The perfect brew


Mel has been experimenting with coffee beans from across the world for three years to achieve the perfect blends.

“We use Ethiopian coffee as a base on all our blends, and work with beans from dozens of countries,” said Mel.

“Diversity gives us good blends.”

Trading on Nicholson Street for 11 years, Mel has been diversifying and growing his business.

“We started by selling green coffee beans and later transformed the business into a café and restaurant. Now we roast on premises, run the café and provide mainstream Australian and Ethiopian food,” said Mel.

“We are the only roaster in the west, and we’ve started to supply our blends to cafes across Melbourne,” he said.

You can buy your own Footscray roasted beans to take home or grab an espresso made by Mel in store.

Addis Cafe and Roastery
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
226 Nicholson St

Sweet and cool

Barista, Kathleen
Barista, Kathleen

Kathleen’s family became the new owners of Scarlet Corner cafe last December, and have been focusing their business on offering high quality drinks.

Here you can try Vietnamese ice coffee, a sweet style of coffee unique to the region.

After French colonialists introduced coffee to Vietnam in the late 19th Century, a new way to enjoy coffee was invented to compensate for the lack of available fresh milk.

Vietnamese coffee is made by using a special device which filters coffee and hot water over crushed ice and condensed milk.

“We use only Vietnamese beans from Buon Ma Thuot in the central highlands of Vietnam,” said Tong, owner of the café (and Kathleen’s dad).

“It’s our own special house blend.”

“Our business is small. We just want to specialise in delivering Vietnamese and espresso coffee to a high standard,” said Tong.

Scarlet Corner Cafe
Mon-Sat 7am-6pm
Sun 8am-5pm
Shop 157 Footscray Market
(or enter from Leeds St)

Ancient traditions


Did you know coffee beans were discovered in Ethiopia? For centuries Ethiopians have been practicing their own method and rituals of brewing and serving coffee.

You can experience this long held tradition by asking for a coffee ceremony at Abdul’s Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant.

Abdul has been serving up Ethiopian fare and coffee ceremonies for the past three years in his family business.

“We have our own brand of coffee, made up of coffee beans from the south eastern region of Ethiopia” Abdul said.

In a coffee ceremony, the beans are washed by hand before being roasted in a metal plate and then ground by hand. Water and coffee is boiled in a jebena (coffee pot) and served in small cups with popcorn.

Throughout the process, the host burns incense and ensures each participant experiences the roasting coffee aroma.

Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant
Mon-Sat 8am-9pm
89 Irving St

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