Footscray Plaza lights up

A 240 square metre screen of programmable lights has been installed on the façade of the residential development above Footscray Plaza.

The lights will be switched on at the Footscray Plaza opening event on Saturday 4 October.

The screen, titled ‘Centricity’, was created by artist Matthew Harding to symbolise Footscray’s diversity.

“The multicultural atmosphere inherent to Footscray has created a hive of activity and a rich cultural melting pot that is distinct and unique. This is illustrated in the interweaving of art and architecture in ‘Centricity’,” said Matthew.

The installation is made from powder coated aluminium and has 36 LED lights which operate in 18 pairs to enable a flow of light across the artwork.

Lighting sequences will be programmed to provide different patterns to reflect a particular season or event.

Footscray Plaza officially opens on 4 October, following its closure for over one year to build the residential development and refurbish the retail levels.

Coles supermarket reopens on 24 September.