Bunjil soars into Footscray

Using only spray paint, artist Heesco created the two storey tall Albert Street mural of Bunjil the Creator, as part of the StreetWORKS program.

In Aboriginal mythology, during a time of conflict and wasteful practices among the Kulin nations, Bunjil agreed to stop the rise of an angered sea in exchange for a change of practice and respect for the laws and each other.

“I wanted to depict my personal interpretation of Bunjil – as a powerful soaring eagle, creating the world with each flap of his strong wings. He’s creating order out of chaos” said Heesco.

Mongolian born Heesco is a Yarraville resident and regular visitor to Footscray.

Image credit: David Russell

“I feel pretty honoured that I got to paint a mural of this scale in the iconic suburb of Footscray,” said Heesco.

The mural was a collaboration with respected graffiti artist Duke, who grew up around Footscray.

“I wanted to acknowledge the history of graffiti and show my respect to the culture that this all came from as well,” said Heesco.

There are six murals across Footscray for the StreetWORKS program.

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