Footscray trader wins award

Congratulations to Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant’s Abdul and Rozenn. These friends of Footscray Life were recognised recently at the African Australian Business of the Year ceremony for their success in spruiking the joys of Ethiopian food and culture.

You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried Konjo’s coffee, Kai Se or Kitfo. The restaurant is a regular stopping spot for touring foodies and was the first Ethiopian and African restaurant to be part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Reviews of the restaurant routinely pile on the praise with descriptions like “plentiful”, “delicious” and even “insanely good”.

Abdul and Rozenn appeared in last year's Your Footscray campaign
Abdul and Rozenn were Footscray ambassadors in last year’s Your Footscray campaign

But before the restaurant came the crafts. Abdul arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1998, met French-born Rozenn in 2001 and opened his first craft store in 2004. The store sold beaded jewellery and other traditional Ethiopian crafts but more importantly it became a home away from home for members of the Ethiopian community to gather, seek advice and help each other out.

Abdul has quite a reputation around Footscray. He’s an ambassador for his community, a mover and shaker, a man who gets things done. Abdul’s a builder of relations between the African and wider communities and a voice for business as Vice President of the Footscray Business Association. And, of course, he’s always there to share his love of Ethiopia with anyone who wants to know.

Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant is at 89 Irving Street

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